Last edit: 13/06/2020 16:13:01 UTC
These rules are subject to change at any point. Notice will be given in the event of a change.

1. Driver Conduct

2. Recruitment

3. Staff Team

4. Job Reports

1. Driver Conduct

1.1 Drivers must follow all TruckersMP rules in the TruckersMP community and game servers.

1.2 Drivers must respect everyone around them on and off the road.

1.3 Drivers must follow LFS staff requests unless conflicting instruction is given by a member of higher authority.

1.4 Drivers must not be a member of another virtual trucking company unless discussed with Driver Engagement or Senior Management.

1.5 Legacy Freight Services' Senior Management Team reserve the right to remove any LFS member at their discretion provided a valid reason is given.

1.6 Legacy Freight Services takes a no-tolerance approach to bullying, threats, harassment, discrimination and any attempt to harm a person. Anyone doing so will be permanently removed.

1.7 Encouraging another LFS driver to break any LFS or TruckersMP rules is not acceptable.

2. Recruitment

2.1 Applicants must not lie in any answer on their application.

2.2 Applicants who send multiple applications in an attempt to hasten the application process will be denied.

2.3 Pestering the Legacy Freight Services Application Team to respond to your application first will get you denied.

2.4 Bribes, threats or any other toxicity shown towards our Application Team are not acceptable.

3. Staff Team

3.1 LFS Staff members cannot abuse their role and authority to get their own way.

3.2 Attempts to bribe, threaten, or blackmail staff members are not acceptable.

3.3 LFS Staff members must represent Legacy Freight Services positively and proudly at all times.

3.4 LFS Staff members cannot share sensitive information. This includes personal information or internal planning.

4. Job Logging

4.1 We request that LFS Drivers log a minimum of 4 jobs in a 4 week cycle. This may be split however an individual driver wishes.

4.2 Drivers must not fabricate or alter job report details unless allowed to do so by an appropriate staff member.

4.3 Game modifications that alter job income cannot be used.

4.4 Drivers cannot use teleport functions to complete jobs.

4.5 Only jobs completed by the owner of the Hub account can be logged.