About LFS

Legacy Freight Services is a Virtual Trucking Company for TruckersMP

Our Roots

Legacy Freight Services was established by Jamyoos in July 2017 who stepped down just one month later. After his departure, Panda took charge of the company and forged it into the community it is today.

Staff Team

We have a strong, passionate staff team ready to help and develop the company further and further

Active Community

There's always somebody available to chat or drive with

Our Partners

Legacy Freight Services work proudly in collaboration with...

Viva Trucking

LFS Media

LFS have a dedicated media team to capture the best shots in TruckersMP

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Frequent Convoys

Legacy Freight Services attend many convoys of varying sizes.

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Custom Drivers Centre

Legacy Freight Services are working to produce an extensive but user friendly web application for our Drivers, including job logging & communication methods.

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LFS has a dedicated and passionate staff team

Senior Management


Chief Executive Officer

  • 436+ Hours in ETS2
  • TruckersMP Member Since 3rd September 2015


Chief Administrative Officer

  • 600+ Hours in ETS2
  • TruckersMP Member Since 23rd December 2014


Legacy Freight Services are currently recruiting

At LFS, we strive to be one of the best and most realistic virtual trucking companies around. From the application and recruitment process, to convoys and events, we take every care to ensure we provide the best services for our drivers and staff.
Panda#5167, CEO

“Since joining LFS I can now have much more fun in TruckersMP. Also, I have made new friends who I would have never met if it wasnt for this company.”


“I used to be in a VTC before, it was decent but this one is fantastic, in everything! The staff, the community, the way they are working etc... Joining LFS was a good decision for me and it will be for everyone. Mark my word.”

Force#2753 Driver Manager

“Legacy Freight Services is very different in a very good way. The community, the events, the members, the staff and even the way they talk to you is just really professional. It's incredible.”


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