What We Offer


Passionate Staff Team

We have a strong, dedicated staff team on hand to help drivers and ensure your time with us is as memorable as it can be.


Online Hub

Custom-created Hub to provide an interface for drivers to log jobs, find meetups, attend convoys and more.


Custom Mods

We offer custom themed truck and trailer skins for drivers to use in Singleplayer.

We put drivers first

Legacy Freight Services works to ensure every driver greatly enjoys their time with us. We have a dedicated Driver Engagement Team who handle any problems drivers may have and monitor their performance. If a driver is not enjoying the company for whatever reason, the Driver Engagement Team will happily discuss ways to improve and will forward any suggestions to the relevant departments.


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Don't just take our word for it

All of these comments are taken from drivers who were part of LFS at the time of writing.

Since I joined, and during the time I passed here driving and having fun with others, I realized something: LFS is not simply a VTC, it is a family.

Events Team Lead

LFS had been a place where I have worked over the years and now placed as the Driving Engagement Manager. We try our absolute best to produce the best company for them.

Cammy Dodger

When I joined LFS, the staff members were so welcoming. Overall, this company is amazing. I would recommend anyone to join this company, to meet new friends and have fun at the same time!


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